Bespoken tailor
Design strategy

Every customer is unique and needs their invidual style advice.

My experience as a professional mode designer has gathered over decades the best contacts around the world.

Our bespoken tailoring skills create unique outfits, perfect uniforms and modern business wear. 

My team and myself would love to introduce new people in a evolving new era of fashion. 
Head of Design

Barbara Pluscat

The workshop

mode design
The machines are powered by STF

CICIPEEL is Pluscat

Our top advantages for every customer.

Unique Designs

Get the most out of your business wear. Create with us new designs or take classical design patterns.


We can offer you every material what exist. Thanks to our global connection to suppliers. 
Our possibilities are limitless


The customer experience is the highest priority at CICIPEEL. We listen to your demands. No matter how special it is.


The styles for our customers let them shine like a new star. Stand out from the crowd with customized clothing


Our products consist of the highest amount of quality. Each material has been carefully selected to provide the highest satisfaction.

Style advice

Our fashion experts will advise you with their experience through the selection of material and patterns to offer you what you need


The measurement of body sizes is made by our employees. Each custom made garment will fit perfectly.


Feel royal with unique clothes with perfect measurements. The future of fashion is measured tailoring.