Bespoken tailor for business wear

We offer modern business wear for him and her. Further more we can design all dresses for events like wedding and cat walks. 
Our possibilites are limitless. We also create special uniforms.

Suit up

CICI PEEL introduces every customer in a new world of fashion 
where measurement and style is in perfect harmony.

Global connection

We offer design books and high quality materials from around the world. 
Every special kind of fabric is no problem. 
We´re globally connected to give our customers the best possible experience.

Create new fashion

Our expert designer will lead you through the process for creating unique outfits.
Choose from a vast variety of existing models or create a new one of a kind. 

Bespoken tailoring makes you modeunique!

Our company believes and aims for a better dressed world where everyone should be dressed for their sizes and own styles.

We don´t copy. We create.
Bespoken tailoring was never that easy. Come to our store or contact us. Our experts will guide you through the whole process.

We fabricate with the expertise of designers and combine it with inspiration by our customers in order to create a new fashion era.
Feel free to contact us & be a part of this journey!
bespoken tailor

Unique bespoken

Imagine creating a unique piece of fashion where your opinion is part of the creation.
The possibilities are limitless. 

Feel free to free your passion!

Quick Appointments

We can offer you an appointment in few days. Our store in Monaco is open every week.

Customer experience

Our biggest goal is to style our customers in their way they need it. 

Unique creation

Our customers has the chance to create their own clothings. No matter what they need.